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You - The Designer Builder

As we  draw closer to the end of this year and are about to embark upon a new year:  Do you have a plan for success in 2019?

It's important to realize that Success – or the realization of a dream – begins with something that one of the premier thought leaders of our time, Mary Morrissey, refers to as “Blueprinting.”

You’ve got to first have the “plans” before you can have the “thing.”

Your success blueprint doesn’t have to be grandiose. Just choose something that gives you life. You’ll know if it’s the right blueprint by how it makes you feel. You will feel expansive, and perhaps a little terrified, but ultimately in your heart you know it is something you would truly love to be, do or have.

There are other steps that will need to take place on the way to realizing your dream, but it starts first with a great blueprint…

So take a moment right now to ask yourself this powerful question:

“What is it I would truly LOVE?…”

and then listen for the answer. Spend some time with it and fill in some details. Start drawing up the “plans".

Because ultimately it comes down to the law of life and to a law of physics...

when you can see your blueprint clearly in your mind, you will eventually hold it in your hands.

Here’s to dreaming up great plans!

And each day: Take the next step to your dream!

Your Coach
Charles Allen

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