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Thanksgiving! Celebrating the Fullness of Life

There is no feeling state more powerful for creating abundance in our lives than that of gratitude.

In a state of gratitude, we find that every seemingly ordinary moment is truly extraordinary. Even the smallest sunbeam becomes sweet to our eyes as we appreciate and become present to all of life’s beauty regardless of how insignificant it may seem to others.

As we approach this Season of Thanksgiving, let’s all be reminded to see the possible good and the potential opportunity in ALL that we’re experiencing – and to embrace ALL that is in our life with a simple question…

                      “How can I be grateful in this situation?”

This simple shift truly can turn wherever we rest our head into a home, can turn the simplest crumbs into a feast and can shift any relationship from indifference into love.

I am truly grateful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Coach
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